Preventative care helps keep you healthy and can catch problems before they get serious.  Our staff at Kaukauna Clinic is dedicated to your health and wellness.  Make sure to schedule an appointment to go over your health.  Our providers can address your concerns at time of visit.



In addition to scheduling your routine services, don’t forget to get you and your family in for a Flu vaccination during the cold season.  While you may have missed our flu drive thru, you can still make an appointment.  Parents wanting to access their child(ren)’s Wisconsin immunization records can do so here.  The registry will have your child(ren)’s information if born from 1995 to present.

Below is a recommendation of children immunization, source: CDC













While Kaukauna clinic is not providing vaccines for children ages 5-11 at this time, people may access more information regarding vaccinations here.  Most children and teens can get the COVID vaccine.  CDC recommends children age 5 and older to get vaccinated.  Parents wanting to schedule their child(ren) for vaccinations may find the information by visiting, text your zip code to 438829, or call 1-800-232-0233 to find locations near you.

Below is the chart based on CDC recommendation:

Source: CDC

To make an appointment for routine services and/or flu vaccinations, please call 920-766-4656