For your safety and convenience, we are offering some services and appointments using telehealth. This service links you to a provider via a videoconference from the comfort of your home or office. So when does telehealth make sense for you or your family?

  • If you or a family member is exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms, but you’re not sure, this service is an option.
  • If your kids might have been exposed to Covid-19 but you’re not certain, telehealth works.
  • If you need medication refills for some mental health prescriptions, this is a convenient option.

How does Telehealth work? You set up an appointment as if you were coming into the office. Our nurse will ask you a series of screening questions to determine if telehealth will work or if you need to be seen in person. If  telehealth is an option, we’ll set up a videoconference link for you and send it to you.

The service is not for every health issue, so if you are in doubt, please call us at 920-766-4656.

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